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"When everyone is looking for gold, it's a good time to be in the pick and shovel business." - Mark Twain

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  Hi, I'm Joseph Iorio, owner of Advertise To Millions. I've earned a lot of money selling ADVERTISING online and have done so since 1997. I'm going to show you how YOU can do the same! ....(and I've made it EASY for You).

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Let me cut to the chase. I earn a full time income selling ADVERTISING! I've made money in many different online ventures but NOTHING COMPARES to selling Online Advertising.

For over 20 years I've seen every hot opportunity under the sun. Some are great, some come and go in a flash but there's ONE thing that NEVER goes away and that is a HUGE demand for Advertising.

So my advice to you is this..... if you want to make money online, you MUST sell Advertising! ADD this to your current online ventures and leverage your efforts to create another income stream.

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"When everyone is looking for gold, it's a good time to be in the pick and shovel business." - ....Mark Twain

The famous quote above from Mark Twain hits the nail on the head. Digging for Gold is a nice dream, and there may be a few lucky ones who strike it rich online, but the real gold rush is selling the "Picks and Shovels" to the Gold miners. This is how to make a lot of money from Home.
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As for the Net, the "tools" (the picks and shovels) to strike Gold are the ADVERTISING SERVICES. This is your meal ticket!


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 A:  With your own "hands free" ADVERTISING Center!


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You'll rake in $1,000's per week from your Sales Force! 

Every single one of your customers who chooses to sell advertising (like you are doing) will be in YOUR 
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You will earn on average $100.00 per Sale!
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Sales per day  Total Income per Month


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Sales per Week  Bonus Income per Month



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Disclaimer: The figures above are just earning examples. They are not guarantees of income. Success requires effort. If you put in the effort you'll be rewarded with high earnings.

Yes, the above income totals are lofty and are in no way a guarantee of income but the chart above does show you the awesome earning potential of our reseller opportunity.

What to Expect:
You can't Waive a Magic Wand and Get Rich!
You need to put in effort to earn money. With our opportunity, if you do put in the effort, you can rest assured that our program REWARDS you!

What's the Game Plan?

Just send people to your site and you'll earn immediate $100 commissions when they purchase our premium advertising package.

Next... your sales-force will begin to grow as people you sell advertising to may want to sell just like you're doing. This will set you up for long term bonus commissions from THEIR efforts.

Within a few months you could have 100's of people in your Sales Force. 
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The more effort you put in the more money you will earn.
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If you had 100 people in your sales-force making only ONE Sale per WEEK you would be earning $10,000 per Month from THEIR effort! PLUS your own direct sales will pay you 4 times the commission per sale!

...This is about direct selling of a REAL product that everyone wants! Our Ultimate Ad package is a MUST for EVERY Internet marketer.

It's Not Mlm * Not a Pyramid
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It's Always about the Product.... SELLING ADVERTISING!!
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What makes this so special is that you can NOT build a Sales Force unless you promote the product.  If you sell the product, your Sales Force will automatically continue to grow and GROW earning you more & more Money!  

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We Pay YOU anytime one of your customers wants to set up shop with their own affiliate page. When they set up shop it counts as a SALE for YOU! They pay to become an affiliate and you earn the commission on that sale.

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RESIDUAL INCOME.... YES!!!   Let's say someone comes to your site and decides to purchase their OWN Reseller page. If they do this, it's GOOD NEWS for YOU. We'll pay you a commission on the sale of the affiliate site, but that's just the beginning...... Afterwards, we'll pay you every time this person EVER makes a sale from their site. (for Life!)

This is why our affiliate program is a huge hit. Serious resellers have flocked to join us. They want a business they can be proud of. They want their commissions protected. They want to be treated as an important part of the company. ..... and that's exactly how we treat them.

PROTECTION!.....Your site is PROTECTED from Commission theft! 

No one can steal your commissions by abbreviating your reseller url. 

In other words, if your reseller url is:, a person can NOT remove the YourAffiliateID off the url and purchase at

If they try to do this, an error prompt comes up instructing them to enter the FULL AFFILIATE URL in order to purchase.

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Remember, we handle the entire fulfillment process! 
You simply promote your Web Site! ... we do all the rest.

How will you promote your affiliate site?
We will send you a Toolkit loaded with proven techniques.

We'll send you a Marketing Tool Kit after you join. ...It shows you EXACTLY how to sell advertising and pull in THOUSANDS of DOLLARS EVERY Week 

NOTE:  In Case you're wondering... YES, you may also buy advertising for your own personal use & receive commissions on it.  We'll send you a special DISCOUNT order page for your own personal orders.

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Joseph Iorio

Contact me HERE with any questions. | | Joe Iorio


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